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The company has the strongest pushers at its disposal:

  • Engines with up to 5,100 HP;
  • Capability to navigate convoys of up to 12 barges on the Danube;
  • Total carrying capacity of a convoy is approx. 19200 tons or 25,300 m³ in volume respectively;
  • There are over 100 covered barges with a “GMP+” certificate at our disposal. The volume of these covered holds is up to 2 400 m³ and the loading capacity ranges from 1 250 tons to 2 400 tons.

Up to 12 barges on the Danube

with 19200 tons or 25,300 m³ in volume respectively


The transportations on the Rhine-Main are realized with the largest possible convoys, consisting of a self-propelled cargo ship and a barge:

  • The loading capacity of a convoy is 3 300 tons;
  • The cargo holds volume is 7 000 m³;
  • The length is 190 m;
  • The vessel possess “GMP+” certification.

The capacity of a convoy is optimally adapted for transportations of oversized and high-cubic cargos on the Danube, Rhine and Main.



The fleet of the company has open barges and 3 self-propelled cargo vessels for transportation of heavy lift-, oversize-, and light cargoes at its disposal:

  • Barges with holds’ dimensions 10,05 m x 73 m
  • Boosted bottom for heavy cargo
  • Suitable for containers (4 rows – total 144 TEU)

We have covered “GMP+” certified barges with available cargo volumes of up to 3,100 m³, necessary for transports of food cargo.




The company’s fleet ensures cargo transportations on the river inflows


Delivery of barges to the ports of Austria and Germany on the Danube part Komarom-Linz is carried out with convoys, consisting of 4 barges/loading capacity is up to 6 800 tons (maximum on this part of the river) and ensured with pushers with loading capacity of up to 4 000 HP. The voyage round-trip of such a convoy from Komarom to Linz and return is from 3,0 days to 3,5 days.


The company has shallow-water draft pushers and tug-pushers at its disposal, ensuring lighterage of barges up to permissible possible draughts as well as their safe passage in autumn or winter time with low water levels. So when our competitors stop their navigation, DDSG is still able to continue to operate.

Powerful pushers – m/v “Gerdi”, m/v “Denija” (1 570 HP) with a draft up to 130 cm, tug-pushers m/v “Miskolc” (2 100 HP) and m/v “Krems” (1400 HP) with a draft up to 160 cm are equipped with towing winches, allowing for a passage of barges through shallow-water parts using two vessels. Upon necessity, even rescue activities are carried out to bring vessels and barges afloat.



The tanker fleet of the company consists of the tanker m/v “Landshut” and several tanker barges. DDSG’s tanker fleet is capable of carrying out transports of fuel throughout the Danube.

Technical features of our fleet allow for transportations to the ports of Germany and France, situated on the river inflows of the Rhine – particularly on the Mosel and Saar.

The loading capacity of such a convoy is up to 4 000 m³ and 3 200 tons.



Transport operations from ports of Hungary and Serbia are realized using convoys with one pusher with a small draught and 2 “Europe-2” type barges.

The total carrying or volume capacity of such convoys is up to 2,500 tons or 4,000 m³ respectively.

The technical parameters of our fleet, taking into account only a 130 cm draught of our pusher-tugs, allow DDSG to practically realize any cargo transport without obstacles from the Sava ports of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia all the way to the Danube.

Such transportations can be carried out using convoys with a carrying capacity of up to 7,000 tons or a total cargo volume of up to 8,000 m³.



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At DDSG`s disposal are three own floating cranes that ensure lighterage of barges during the shallow water period on any Danube location


Floating cranes allow us to react promptly to any extraordinary navigational situation on the rivers and carry out lighterage as well as to ensure guaranteed passage of our convoys through restrictive and shallow river parts, depending on navigating situation and prevailing depths.

Up to 10 000 tons/day

lighterage capacity

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